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The Finch Collection
Ron Finch’s Personal Bikes

Kaleidocycle Trilogy Aorta Loop Hole Outspoken Wing and a Prayer

All motorcycles featured in this collection exhibit both hand-built custom frames and
custom rodwork. Virtually every aspect of these bikes incorporates Ron’s unique
construction and artistic flair, from one-of-a-kind front ends, fenders, and side panels
to the exhaust systems. Beyond his gift for distinctive engineering, Ron’s true genius
lies in his mastery of paint work, which has become world renowned for its ingenuity,
creativity and excellence. This fusion of unique design, brilliant painting and
exceptional functionality has helped to establish Ron Finch as one of the premiere
custom motorcycle builders of all time.

[All featured bikes have been carefully preserved, and are still functional]


Kaleidocycle 1966 BSA – 650cc Completed 1969

Features a molded gas tank and side covers, a ’39 Norton Girder
stretched front end, and the first fat tire rear wheel (16” tire).


Trilogy 1971 Triumph Trident – 836cc Completed 1975

Features a “tri” theme throughout--triple gas tanks, triple rear fenders,
triple exhaust, etc., extended fins on heads, and a rare 5-speed transmission.


Aorta 1970 Ironhead Sportster – Completed 1982

Features include a gas tank in the rear fender, a 2-part detachable frame, and a
multifarious frame representing arteries of the heart—analogous to the engine.

Loop Hole

Loophole 1973 Shovelhead – Evo Custom 96ci HD Completed 1987

Features include an exhaust system that loops through the frame above the motor,
representing loopholes in the law, a gas tank in the rear fender, and custom rodwork,
front fender and floorboards.



Outspoken 1993 Assembled – 96ci S&S Completed 1993

Features a chrome moly frame, gas tanks in floor boards, rodwork fenders
with stainless inserts, and one of the first bikes in the US
featuring 80-spoke wheels.

Wing and a Prayer

Wing & A Prayer 2003 Assembled – 120ci Keck Completed April 2003

Features multi-functional aluminum saddlebags with storage and gas tanks,
stretched swing arm, and custom made trees and bars.

Double Cross 2004 Assembled – 113ci S&S Completed June 2004

Features an asymmetrical frame that crosses over the motor, gas and oil tanks
in the rear fender,Weber dual throat carbs, custom handlebars, triple trees,
and exhaust, as well as intricate rodwork throughout the bike


Finicky Right Side

Finicky Left Side

Finicky 2006 Assembled- 93 c.i. Shovelhead Completed November 2006

Features extended fins on the motor, a finned gas tank under the seat,
fins on the custom air cleaner, primary, floor boards and exhaust.
Each side of Finicky has a different custom paint scheme, as shown above.


Captivator 2009 Assembled - 100 c.i. Crazy Horse V-Plus Completed Feb. 2009

Features a custom built frame with rodwork that incorporates
the "bottle cap" theme, that the motor was named for.

Custom gas tank is built into the rear fender.